Antoinette van den Berg
Trend Forecaster 

Future-Touch  – Trend Forecasting
ToucheToday – 3D Print accessory label 
The Lady in Blu – Fashion – Pushes less consumption of new cloth through making restyling, repeating, reusing clothing attractive and socially accepted.

Elevator pitch
Trend forecaster – the Lady in Blu – fashionista – inspirator – traveler – internationally well known for her unique, years ahead, vision on the future – level – visualizes today in order to understand the secrets of the future – translates future trends into strategy’s and innovations on product and company level – visualizes today in order to understand the secrets of the future – multi disciplinair – that what seems impossible is possible – innovator- designer – lived and traveled for 3 years with her kids on a sailing boat – founder trend forecasting studio Future-Touch – founder 3D print accessory label ToucheToday  – founder The Lady in Blu.

While building a healthy trend forecasting company I constantly search for opportunities to combine my qualities with future opportunities and needs of the society.  

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Frankrijk, Italie, Korea 

Color cosmetics, Raw material, 3D print, Fashion, B2B businesses                                  


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Trend Forecaster
Traveler who visualizes the now in order to understand the future of a special market or product
Future strategies
3D print concepts              

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