Jeannine Butzelaar
Managing partner Jolo Fashion Group
CEO CleanDye

Jolo Fashion Group
Mede investeerder met Jolo Fashion Group in CleanDye                                             

Elevator pitch
We, my business partner and me believe in a company in which our teams; our colleges do what they are good at and like doing.

This gives them motivation and makes our business grow sustainably and organically.

We created small self-supporting units with high autonomy and responsibility who choose their own road map.

We do not have managers – directors, the playing field is clear – we follow the business closely and coach when necessary.

Being able to be part and contribute to this working environment and feel the positive spirit makes me really happy!

Contribute to the people and our planet by making the fashion industry cleaner. How? By bringing water free and process chemical free garments within reach of a large consumer target group within 2 years.

Belangrijkste importlanden
China , India , Bangladesh, Turkije en Portugal met JFG . Met CleanDye zullen we importeren uit Bangladesh

Belangrijkste exportlanden
Benelux, Duitsland, Spanje, UK / Ireland, USA, Indonesia, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan voor JFG

CleanDye nog niet complete helder         

JFG : kinderkleding merken en private label
Cleandye : heren – dames – kinderkleding                                      

Comissaris bij familie destilleerderij Hooghoudt in Groningen                         

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